great things that have come from twitter

Hearing people dismiss Twitter as pointless or a waste of time works me up. I always want to sit the person down and tell them all the great things that have happened to me as a result of using Twitter- now I’ll just direct them to this blog post!


I tweeted a link to my blog post reviewing Garden Lite gluten-free frozen meals; they responded back offering me a discount code for my readers.

I was put in touch with Sara of Watermelon Roses through Twitter. She is now my friend, interior decorator, blog designer, tennis partner, kickball teammate, and comedy show attending buddy!

I tweeted Asurion- my phone insurance company- and they responded back almost immediately and I ended up with an upgrade to a newer phone model.

I tweeted Sitti, a downtown Raleigh Lebanese restaurant as I crossed the street from my office. As soon as I sat down, the manager came over to our table, mentioned that he saw my tweet, and ended up bringing over a few appetizers on the house for our table.

I interviewed with a very cool social enterprise organization when I was still in college; they had already heard of the social enterprise student organization that I co-founded because we had a  Twitter presence. I think knowing that I was engaging online was a big reason they extended an offer to me (unfortunately, I had to pass on the offer).

I found out about Osama bin Laden before my friends who were watching major TV stations.

I’ve found a vet, great restaurants, cool things to do in Raleigh, good gluten-free options, and awesome advice simply by tweeting out a question or monitoring what was being said on my home feed. But the kicker?

The Raleigh Forum started because of Twitter. Before I moved to Raleigh, I shot a tweet into the supposed dark hole of Twitter asking about coworking spaces in the area. Derrick Minor of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance saw my tweet and ended up hooking us up with several local resources, including our current leasing company. If that’s not proof of Twitter’s potential, I don’t know what is!

Any awesome/random/exciting things that have happened to you because of Twitter? 


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