kindred spirits

“Kindred spirits are people that you connect with on a deeper level than just basic intellectual and emotional interaction. They are one who you have a unique spiritual connection with. That feeling that somehow you must have known them in a previous life and you’ve finally reunited.” —Source

“Many times in life we meet these people, and often we don’t know them at all but have this deep connection that cannot be explained.” –Source

I remember the first time I heard the term “kindred spirit” in Anne of Green Gables. Since then, I’ve had the amazing fortune to have several kindred spirits enter my life.

Usually it doesn’t make much sense. Enter Shelly, also known as Wifey for five years running [we were married on Facebook back when marrying your best friend was the thing to do]. She’s short and Asian, I’m tall and white. She likes judo, motorcyles, and carrying change in her pocket like a dude [that would be her phrase, not mine!]. I like sundresses, volunteering, and tennis.

But it just fits. From the first time we got breakfast at IHOP [which took a lot of persistence on her part], we were off and running. We both liked eating, going to thrift stores, and country concerts. We bonded over our families and our shared homeschooling experiences. But even without those shared interests and experiences, I have a feeling that she would still be my kindred spirit.

And five years later, no matter how much time has passed between seeing each other, it feels like none at all.

Or enter Sue and Larry. They’re in their 60s and live in rural North Carolina. I’m 22 and live near downtown Raleigh. We all met on a moderately trashy Carnival Cruise of all places. But again, it just fits. When we were at Hollymead Farm, we laughed for hours on end but engaged in countless meaningful conversations too. It just flowed, like we had all known each other for years. Which brings me to my sentiment on kindred spirits:

Have you ever felt like you just knew someone was your kindred spirit?


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