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There’s some magazine that features a different celebrity’s cell phone and their apps each month. I was planning to do a similar thing awhile back- now that I have a new phone, I wish I done it earlier just in case I forget any apps that I had before!

  • GasBuddy: Helps you find the cheapest gas nearby by using your phone’s GPS
  • Instagram: I’ve become a huge fan since this came to Droid. It doesn’t replace a quality SLR, but it’s a fun substitute when you’re on the go (I’m cmroman by the way!)
  • TinyShark: A free app that syncs with Grooveshark. This is what I use for music at the gym and in the car
  • WordPress: Gotta be able to check my blog stats on the go 🙂
  • GTasks: Synchronizes with Gmail Tasks, so you can type notes for yourself and see them later on your computer
  • Evernote: Like GTasks, synchronizes with your computer, which is convenient especially if your phone breaks! It’s seriously improved since I first started using it a few years ago.
  • Dictionary.com: Love learning the Word of the Day and trying to use it in a sentence throughout the day 🙂
  • Google Reader: I can catch up on the blogs I love while I’m waiting in line or in a waiting room
  • CNN: Gotta stay up-to-date on world news
  • Starbucks: Allows you to link your Gold Card account; just display the barcode on your screen and they can scan it as payment
  • Foursquare: I love keeping a list of places I want to try, as well as using the Explore feature to find cool places {especially restaurants!} nearby. This is particularly helpful since my mind goes blank when I’m hungry 🙂
  • Twitter: I stay signed into @cmroman and @theraleighforum  so I can switch back and forth easily
  • Facebook: Just a given 🙂
  • G-Talk: How I stay in touch with all my friends throughout the workday and beyond
  • Shazam: Identifies songs based on short clips- just hold the phone up to the source of music and it will give you the title and artist
  • LivingSocial: Duh!

Other apps I keep pinned to my home pages: Navigation, Places, Google Drive, and- perhaps the most useful for me- a big calendar widget with all 1,246 of my calendars.

What are your favorite Droid or iPhone apps? 

I sent out a tweet and got these other recommendations: Inkpad, HDR Camera, Tweetcaster, and Pocket

Edited: I also love the YMCA of the Triangle app! I always check the group fitness schedule before I head to the gym.


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