an out-of-town birthday shindig

I know who is planning and executing my next party: Sara D! I should have known that the girl with the killer design taste would be able to put together an adorable party.

On Saturday afternoon, my sister, our friend, and I drove up to Richmond for Sara’s yard party/sleepover/brunch. The first thing that greeted us? A giant snake on the front porch. Three heart attacks later, we finally made it inside to meet Sara’s family!

We had an absolute blast with everyone! Highlights included:

  • A full dessert bar, which included Pinterest-inspired strawberry shortcake skewers
  • An amazing buffet, which included authentic Lebanese food from one of the family friends
  • A stellar view of a lake from the huge back porch
  • Late night karaoke, which included Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Buffett, and Queen {though watching the video of me karaoking was a low point, not a highlight haha!}
  • Losing at cornhole and ladder golf
  • Shotgunning beers at 2am with friends & Sara D’s dad
  • Sleeping in a Wizard of Oz decorated room with Linnie
  • Exchanging crazy cruise stories over breakfast the next day
  • Chatting with the family in the big kitchen after breakfast as we dried dishes
  • And of course- celebrating Sara D’s birthday!!

Cute welcome table. Guests were encouraged to sign the big white picture frame and drop cards in the big vase
Pretty birthday flowers. So much pink 🙂
Dessert bar! Sara encouraged people to grab dessert first {because life is short…}
A very important part of any party! Linnie and I enjoyed tequila + lemonade {cheap person’s margarita!}
Rock candy! So old-school; I love it {ignore the chipped nail haha}
Beautiful lake in the backyard! Love the bench by the water

It’s exciting to meet the family of a new friend. I always feel like it gives me insight into the person! Sara’s family was so welcoming and fun- we compared the experience to our Hollymead Farm visit. Yet another reminder to myself that I might ultimately love to move further out of a city and host huge fun shindigs!

Thank you to Sara and her family for the great time!


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