week recap & weekend reading

Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West at IMAX {amazing cinematography. And Lewis was hot haha}

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with pho at home

Get together & trivia with friends



First kickball game- a double header followed by team bonding at a bar

Highlights of the week including getting over my fear of kickball, meeting most of my whole kickball team and having a blast playing the Shoulder Game with them, getting back to tennis with my original partner {not that I don’t love doubles!}, earning money to justify my trip to San Francisco, and getting a special delivery to my door 🙂


My most popular post this week was: An Out-Of-Town Shindig


This LifeHacker post on how to survive the workday when you’re completely exhausted is pretty basic but has some good reminders.

College Recruiter explores the question “How important are internships?” with an infographic on their website. My answer? Very.

And in food: chickpea veggie burgersthree ingredient peanut butter cookies, shrimp Pad Thai on the lighter side, and gluten-free quinoa carrot and zucchini bread.

On the top of my list of favorite Yes and Yes posts this week: You’re Smart. So What?

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