Week Recap & Weekend Reading

Change the Triangle’s June event- a clean up at Jordan Lake- followed by camping with some friends

A night out with friends at Calavera. I loved the strawberry cilantro jalapeno margarita and the spicy pineapple margarita {above}

VIP box at the J Cole/Drake concert {yes, those sunglasses say “I go hard in the paint”}. The concert was great but the night ended in a pretty crazy way!

And two nights at home cooking food for the week, relaxing, and watching sci-fi movies 🙂


I found Sarah Findle’s article, Is content conquering the cover?, on IMRE’s blog very interesting. What do you all think? There’s still something about getting my Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living in the mail every month!

This week in Lifehacker tips: the fastest way to soften butter and how to find the perfect avocado.

From The Kitchn: salad in a jar, tips for better bean salads, how to prep onions for salads, and my favorite: the #1 multi-tasking kitchen gadget {I’ve been saying it forever!}.

From Sam Davidson’s blog: Clutter is holding you back and the internet is making us dumber.

And from Yes and Yes: how to fight fair and why you need to go the eff to sleep.

And lastly: I love all the quotes in this Lunchbox Diaries post!


4 thoughts on “Week Recap & Weekend Reading

  1. Did you read the comments on the butter softening? Hilarious. I totally will sometimes put butter to my skin (wrapper of course) to warm it without melting!! Usually under my legs while sitting on the couch blogging hahaha!

    Congrats to Sara on the nonprofit status btw!


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