On the Menu: Cleaning out the Freezer & Pantry

I keep apologizing to my roommate for the sad state of our disheveled freezer. It’s filled to the brim with gluten-free bread and buns; chicken breasts; hot dogs and hamburgers; and bags of vegetables. I promised her that this week was “Cleaning Out the Freezer” week, but I added in “& Pantry” at the last minute ūüôā I spent too much on groceries last week, so I’m making up for it by polishing off what I have in my kitchen this week.

Leftover shrimp & grits from Poole’s

Leftover mashed potato vegetable pie

Gluten-free ratatouille pizza based on this recipe

Sausage patties

Kale, cannelli bean, & feta quesadilla

Collard green & kale soup

Jambalaya with New Orleans andouille sausage

Spiced tomato chickpea soup

Greek-style chicken

Hot dogs + Udi’s gluten free buns

Burgers + Udi’s gluten free buns

Mexican pizzas

Navel oranges

Carrot sticks


2 thoughts on “On the Menu: Cleaning out the Freezer & Pantry

  1. Oooh, before we left for Alabama for the summer we tried to not buy groceries and just eat out of the fridge/freezer. I had never seen either so empty yet they still had so much. My new goal was to only buy food for what we need (plus a small reserve) in the future! Did you see the recipe I posted about a week ago with gluten free enchiladas? Love you!


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