Keeping Your Sanity During Hectic Weeks {or Months}

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I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled and I realized why: I have a super hectic next few weeks that I’m starting to gear up for.

Within the next three and a half weeks: 4th of July; my Norwegian family in town for four days; my dad in town for about a week; my birthday; a trip to Hollymead; a trip to DC; and a ton of work stuff, as well as the usual Change the Triangle meetings, tennis dates, kickball games, blogging, etc. Although it’s all great stuff, it’s extra chaotic because some of it overlaps. In addition, a lot of it happens mid-week, which means my work schedule has to be changed around. I am definitely not complaining but sometimes having a flexible work schedule is hard because the only person I’m really accountable to is myself!

Here’s how I plan to keep my sanity over the next few exciting weeks:

  • Use a calendar: I make sure all my events and activities are marked in Google calendar so that I can keep track of everything. I need to make set work hours during the next few weeks to ensure everything gets done.
  • Prioritize: Obviously, work has to be a top priority. But my family from Norway has never been to Raleigh and I don’t see them often, so that will take priority over hanging out with friends for the week, for example. I look ahead at my calendar {see above} and make arrangement for ongoing commitments that I need to skip or reschedule.
  • Have alone time: The only way I keep my sanity is having alone time to breathe and decompress. I read a book, rent a movie, catch up on blogs, watch Friends, or take a walk to keep myself in check.
  • Schedule in exercise: Though exercising might feel like it should be the first thing to go, I try to make time for it. I know it always makes me feel calmer and better about myself. Better yet, I try to combine it with other activities to kill two birds with one stone {i.e. scheduling a tennis date with a friend or taking my family to Umstead for a hike}.
  • Plan meals ahead: I don’t want to buy and waste tons of produce, so I’ll probably eat very simply over the next few weeks. Prep meals {like Mexican casserole or soup} and freeze them. And just for the time being, I force myself not to feel guilty for splurging on convenience foods like snack-sized packages of carrot sticks with ranch.
  • Communicate with others: I try to let everyone who might be affected {friends, coworkers, significant others} know that I have a crazy few weeks ahead of me {or I just make them read my blog!}. Communicating helps prevent hurt feelings and missed obligations.
  • Automate as much as possible: I automate everyday things, like paying bills. I don’t want to have to worry about them as I try to enjoy lounging by the pool or dinner with my family.
  • Realize that sh*t happens: Most likely, I will drop the ball on at least one thing. But I try to remember that the vast majority of things are easy to recover from! Remember the rubber ball analogy 🙂
  • Live it up! It’s not every day, week, or month that I get to celebrate my birthday with friends, take yet another trip to DC and Hollymead, handle top-secret work projects, or see my family. I’m planning to live these next few weeks up!

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Sanity During Hectic Weeks {or Months}

  1. Yes, finding balance during crazy weeks can be hard… I usually keep a planner, but I’m now starting to think about switching over to the google calendar you speak so highly about … is there an app you can sync to your phone?

    • Do it! You can also add the Scintillating Simplicity and Change the Triangle calendars to your calendar! Haha I will give you a crash course 🙂 On Droids, you can sync your calendar and display it as a widget- assuming you can do something similar on iPhones!

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