Birthday Freebies

On our birthdays, society rewards us for basically accomplishing nothing except making it to another year. One such benefit is companies giving us free things and I plan to milk it for all its worth this year. Here’s what I plan to enjoy on and around my birthday:

  • Free coffee from Starbucks [must have the Gold Card]
  • Free ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s [must be a member of Chunk Spelunker club]
  • Free Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity breakfast from IHOP [must be part of the Pancake Revolution club]
  • Free smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe [must sign up for TropiDeals]
  • Free medium coffee from Dunkin Donuts [must sign up for DD Perks Rewards. And let’s be real, I’ll need two coffees on my birthday!]
  • Free dessert fondue for two at Melting Pot [must sign up for Club Fondue]
  • Free car wash from Carolina Auto Spa [sign up here]
  • Free bottle of wine from Irregardless Cafe [sign up here]
  • A surprise from Red Hot & Blue [must join the RHB Club]
  • Free shots from anyone I can convince to buy them…
  • [Added] 2 free tickets to Goodnights Comedy Club [once you join the mailing list]
  • [Added] Free entree from Rocky Top Hospitality [includes Draft on Glenwood; sign up here]

For more free birthday stuff, check out Active Rain, here, Frugal Living, and

Where else can you get free stuff on your birthday?! Anyone else as “opportunistic” [read: cheap] as I am?

P.S. For an interesting discussion at “for all its worth” vs “for all it’s worth,” check out Grammar Girl. Clearly I use the term “interesting” loosely 🙂

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


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