Friday Reading

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While I love rap, I’m also a sucker for parodies or funny plays on rap songs [like rap represented in mathematical charts and graphs]. I feel like “Is Jay-Z’s ‘99 Problems’ Legally Accurate? A Law Professor Explains in Line-by-Line Reading” is up the same alley!

I love the DIY coffee scrub posted on Deliciously Organized. Homemade hand scrubs make great gifts!

I’m also loving Nutritonella’s DIY tank top organization system!

I make coffee cubes to put in iced coffee but never thought of doing vanilla flavored coffee cubes– yum!

This week in recipes I want to try: Speedy Summer Hemp Power Salad, Asian Turkey Burgers, and Rice & Sesame Pancakes {P.S. Do you capitalize the titles of recipes or not?}.

In more serious topics, did anyone hear about Daniel Tosh’s rape comment or the consequent response from Miss Representation? Thoughts?

I read a quote on Say What You Need to Say that I really relate to: “It’s funny how when life gets crazy busy, we complain that all we want is to be bored, but then when we actually have time to do nothing, we complain that we’re bored.” How many times have I felt that way?!

I also related to Lauren’s philosophy on {not} setting goals. Once I realized I’m generally a productive person who will always strive to accomplish things, setting goals seemed superflous and distracting {like I would be too busy checking things off a list to enjoy them}.

Have a great last productive weekday and a fun weekend! I’ll be off celebrating my birthday 🙂 

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