Weekend Reading

Nerd alert: What 5 Famous Dishes From Literature Would Look Like

Along the same lines as The Busy Trap: What Happened to Downtime?

A great read: Top 5 Regrets from Dying People

Cute overload: The Cutest Things That Ever Happened

Makes my mouth water: Lemon Yogurt Pasta with Zucchini and Summer Squash; Crustless Summer Zucchini Pie

Just had this conversation with friends: Why Your Handshake Matters and How to Get It Right

Helpful little guide: You’re a What?! Decoding Today’s Job Titles

Love her philosophy: My Take on Running

Note to self: Remembering the Good Things


Friday Reading

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While I love rap, I’m also a sucker for parodies or funny plays on rap songs [like rap represented in mathematical charts and graphs]. I feel like “Is Jay-Z’s ‘99 Problems’ Legally Accurate? A Law Professor Explains in Line-by-Line Reading” is up the same alley!

I love the DIY coffee scrub posted on Deliciously Organized. Homemade hand scrubs make great gifts!

I’m also loving Nutritonella’s DIY tank top organization system!

I make coffee cubes to put in iced coffee but never thought of doing vanilla flavored coffee cubes– yum!

This week in recipes I want to try: Speedy Summer Hemp Power Salad, Asian Turkey Burgers, and Rice & Sesame Pancakes {P.S. Do you capitalize the titles of recipes or not?}.

In more serious topics, did anyone hear about Daniel Tosh’s rape comment or the consequent response from Miss Representation? Thoughts?

I read a quote on Say What You Need to Say that I really relate to: “It’s funny how when life gets crazy busy, we complain that all we want is to be bored, but then when we actually have time to do nothing, we complain that we’re bored.” How many times have I felt that way?!

I also related to Lauren’s philosophy on {not} setting goals. Once I realized I’m generally a productive person who will always strive to accomplish things, setting goals seemed superflous and distracting {like I would be too busy checking things off a list to enjoy them}.

Have a great last productive weekday and a fun weekend! I’ll be off celebrating my birthday 🙂 

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Weekend Reading

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For the recruiting readers: Top 15 Common Talent Sourcing Mistakes and Snag Influence with “Sticky” Recruitment Marketing.

And for employees: Don’t Wait for Layoffs or a Job Search to Update Your Resume. The idea is that during those periods, you’re feeling negative and may forget key accomplishments and skills. Updating your resume periodically ensures that you remember your accomplishments and can highlight them in a beneficial way.

I am definitely guilty of The Busy Trap; how about you? I think it’s partly a by-product of being a Human Services major in college– the program attracted all the students who wanted to save the world!

Here are some inspirational words for your week {or weekend, as the case may be}.

I have become convinced that the writers over at Tiny Buddha send thought waves or probes into my brain every week and then base their blog posts on my thoughts. Here’s what they wrote for me this week {joke!}: When Friends Fear We May Judge Them and Treat People How They Want to be Treated {the new golden rule}.

10 Thoughts for Friday

1) Any recruiters out there with experience using Entelo or TalentBin? What are the pros and cons of both of them? Which do you like better? I asked the same question on Quora.

2. Live in DC? Check out Cause, a new philanthropub opening soon. According to Glittarazzi, “Customers will visit Cause to drink and be merry. The money that the bar makes will pay the rent, staff and charity. Different causes will be selected every quarter and customers will get to pick which one they want their money to go towards.”

3. Lifehacker recommends that you look at two lists every morning: a to do list and an avoid list. I’ve recently started doing the same thing to remind myself to not mindlessly look at Twitter, Google Reader, my blog stats, etc throughout the day {only in the morning!}.

4. Here is what I had planned to meet during my “cleaning out the freezer & pantry week.” Here’s what I actually ate: corn taco tostadas; Mexican casserole from the freezer; a hot dog with Indian-spiced onion relish {found it on Edible Mosaic- yum!}, sushi, and other miscellaneous stuff! But I did make a dent in the freezer mess.

5. I think I finally got down my phrasing for when someone I don’t know connects with me on LinkedIn: “Hi x, Thank you for the invitation to connect on LinkedIn! I wanted to check in and see what you were interested in connecting about since I don’t believe we’ve met in person.  Thank you and take care, Cristina.” What do you think?

6. Want to find fun Raleigh events? First, follow the Scintillating Simplicity calendar! But you can also subscribe to the Visit Raleigh Events RSS Feed in your feed reader {I obviously love Google Reader!}.

7. I love the website 1000 Awesome Things and the latest two posts made me laugh: #996 Opening and sniffing a pack of tennis balls and #997: Locking people out of the car and pretending to drive away {my sister and I do this more than I think is normal for 20-somethings}.

8. I absolutely love The Girl Effect, an amazing YouTube video! In related news, apparently this month’s Fast Company is all about female social entrepreneurs! Need to pick up a copy…

9. You’ve no doubt seen the article in the Atlantic, “Why Women Can’t Have It All.” Since the piece came out, there’s been a ton of responses, like “Does Anyone Really Need to Have It All?” and “Why Women Shouldn’t Want to Have It All” and “How Women (and Men) Can Have It All” and lastly, “Men Can’t Have It All Either.” Whew! That’s a lot of conflicting opinions. What do you think? I feel a blog post coming on…

10. And finally, I’m considering making a 23 New Things List to start on my upcoming 23rd birthday, a la Sarah of Yes and Yes. Any suggestions for what I should put on it?

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Week Recap & Weekend Reading

Change the Triangle’s June event- a clean up at Jordan Lake- followed by camping with some friends

A night out with friends at Calavera. I loved the strawberry cilantro jalapeno margarita and the spicy pineapple margarita {above}

VIP box at the J Cole/Drake concert {yes, those sunglasses say “I go hard in the paint”}. The concert was great but the night ended in a pretty crazy way!

And two nights at home cooking food for the week, relaxing, and watching sci-fi movies 🙂


I found Sarah Findle’s article, Is content conquering the cover?, on IMRE’s blog very interesting. What do you all think? There’s still something about getting my Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living in the mail every month!

This week in Lifehacker tips: the fastest way to soften butter and how to find the perfect avocado.

From The Kitchn: salad in a jar, tips for better bean salads, how to prep onions for salads, and my favorite: the #1 multi-tasking kitchen gadget {I’ve been saying it forever!}.

From Sam Davidson’s blog: Clutter is holding you back and the internet is making us dumber.

And from Yes and Yes: how to fight fair and why you need to go the eff to sleep.

And lastly: I love all the quotes in this Lunchbox Diaries post!

week recap & weekend reading

Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West at IMAX {amazing cinematography. And Lewis was hot haha}

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with pho at home

Get together & trivia with friends



First kickball game- a double header followed by team bonding at a bar

Highlights of the week including getting over my fear of kickball, meeting most of my whole kickball team and having a blast playing the Shoulder Game with them, getting back to tennis with my original partner {not that I don’t love doubles!}, earning money to justify my trip to San Francisco, and getting a special delivery to my door 🙂


My most popular post this week was: An Out-Of-Town Shindig


This LifeHacker post on how to survive the workday when you’re completely exhausted is pretty basic but has some good reminders.

College Recruiter explores the question “How important are internships?” with an infographic on their website. My answer? Very.

And in food: chickpea veggie burgersthree ingredient peanut butter cookies, shrimp Pad Thai on the lighter side, and gluten-free quinoa carrot and zucchini bread.

On the top of my list of favorite Yes and Yes posts this week: You’re Smart. So What?

link roundup for the week

I love this post from The New Professional on doing what you love or loving what you do {not necessarily the same, but also not necessarily mutually exclusive}.

Yes and Yes has become one of my favorite blogs- I love that it highlights interesting topics, stories, and debates and isn’t just a clone of every other lifestyle blog out there. Check out Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Always Easy and On Privacy, Honesty, Other Bloggers, and Oversharing.

Love this post on changing “yes but” to “yes and”

I need to do this gluten-free Raleigh bar crawl {though I wasn’t crazy about Lilly’s when I went}! And speaking of gluten-free, here is a great post from Gluten Free Girl on some of the lessons she learned from traveling gluten-free. On a related note: I bought San-J gluten-free soy sauce packets to take for on-the-go sushi!

I was really moved by The Freedom of Not Needing to Be Right on Tiny Buddha, where the tagline is “simple wisdom for complex lives.”

Have you seen this image? The words that immediately jump out at you are supposed to describe you. I really hope my first doesn’t describe me but my third word was passionate, which I think is fitting.

Props to Heather on what turned out to be an amazing collaborative photo shoot gone right– I love the pictures!

Here’s some great advice on changing your environment in order to change your behavior from my friend Austin, who is currently in Taiwan.

The new Evernote Food might be my new way to track what I order at a restaurant so I don’t forget for the next time I go!

What did you read on the internet this week? 

week recap and link roundup


  • Spending multiple days at the pool and cracking up for hours with friends
  • Going to Mexican and befriending every person in the restaurant, including a table of 15 guys who were in town for a gaming conference
  • Watching Hubble 3D at IMAX Raleigh- amazing! One of the best documentaries we’ve seen so far with our Power Pass
  • $10 fajitas and $10 pitchers of margaritas plus a free ticket to stand-up comedy at Goodnights with a fun crew
  • Intense hour and a half doubles tennis session
  • Swimming laps in my pool to get in a quick exercise session
  • Putting together a big group of people to play doubles tennis {and finding out that my friend has a picture of her as a baby in a crib on the tennis court! Haha}
  • Making faux pho- tossing leftover cilantro, basil, sriracha, lime, serrano peppers, green onions, and sliced onions into broth with Chinese Five Star seasoning- which I realize is not Vietnamese 🙂
  • Anxiously awaiting the replacement of the replacement of the replacement of my phone. Almost two weeks now that I haven’t had a phone!

Link Roundup

link roundup for the week

Straight from The Kitchn: the best way to measure fresh herbs.

Allie of Eat Run Read got to attend a fancy dinner hosted Chobani– all the dishes contained the Greek yogurt. Now that is smart marketing 🙂 I may or may not have my own little Chobani posts in the works 🙂 In the meantime, follow my Chobani updates on Twitter!

Still confused about giving up gluten? Here’s a little crash course.

Be careful not to make these 3 LinkedIn blunders when job searching!

From The New Professional- four questions to ask when you’re lacking direction (this one’s for you, recent grads!).

In the mood to shed a few tears? Check out these 75 day-brightening stories of generosity.

I’m going to be the best party guest ever when I show up with these homemade watermelon mojito popsicles! Maybe I’ll bring these bangin’ shrimp skewers too 🙂

I stumbled across the Happiness Project awhile back and fell in love with Gretchen’s approach to life- she spent a year “test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.” Here are 7 ways she sparks her creativity {I need these when I’m feelin’ uninspired}.

link roundup for the week

Here’s an interesting video clip on how Starbucks trains customers how to behave {read: why you will be publicly shamed if you ask for a medium coffee instead of a grande coffee}.

For all the recent graduates out there: here’s 10 things your commencement speaker won’t tell you.

I loved this insightful blog post on being busy and prioritizing.

Struggling with the difference between e.g. and i.e.? Let Grammar Girl teach you!

I’m so intrigued by this story of a guy who kept a spreadsheet to track his Match.com interactions. On one hand- hilarious that he has a spreadsheet. Probably pretty stupid to send it to someone. But suing the girl who sent it out? Really? What girl wouldn’t forward something like that to her friends? Though she should have covered up the identities of the other girls… The whole things reminds of the Duke girl’s “thesis ” on her hook ups.

Another one for those of us going on vactions: loving Nutritionella’s Vacation Recovery Checklist.

And a weekly tip from The Kitchn: 4 tips for solo cooking!