On the Menu for the Week {Getting Back Into the Routine}

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Eggs over medium with sour cream & green tomatillo salsa at Flying Biscuit

Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Jambalaya Mix with bell pepper, onions, and sausage

Buffalo chicken crack dip {corn} quesadillas

Ginger & cumin marinated tomatoes

Cool as a cucumber salad

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Spinach and garlic butter steak pinwheels


On the Menu for the Week

It’s the beginning of July, which means I can crack my Cooking Light: Annual Recipes cookbook open to a new month! I picked this cookbook up for $2-$3 at the thrift store and it was the best find. It catalogues every single recipe from a year’s worth of Cooking Light magazine into one hardback book. Though it’s from 2004, it doesn’t really matter because food is timeless 🙂 The July section features recipes based around tomatoes, peaches and dinner at dusk, which will undoubtedly make appearances in my On the Menu posts for July!
Traditional & buffalo chicken gluten-free pizza bites {recipe to come}

Cool as a cucumber salad

Tuna and white bean salad {update: not blown away; will post recipe if I can adapt it!}

Salad with Asian ginger dressing

Potato salad

Rice noodles with peanut lime chicken

Chicken salad

And something with my big flat of peaches!

What are you cooking this week? Any great tomato or peach recipes?

10 Thoughts for Friday

1) Any recruiters out there with experience using Entelo or TalentBin? What are the pros and cons of both of them? Which do you like better? I asked the same question on Quora.

2. Live in DC? Check out Cause, a new philanthropub opening soon. According to Glittarazzi, “Customers will visit Cause to drink and be merry. The money that the bar makes will pay the rent, staff and charity. Different causes will be selected every quarter and customers will get to pick which one they want their money to go towards.”

3. Lifehacker recommends that you look at two lists every morning: a to do list and an avoid list. I’ve recently started doing the same thing to remind myself to not mindlessly look at Twitter, Google Reader, my blog stats, etc throughout the day {only in the morning!}.

4. Here is what I had planned to meet during my “cleaning out the freezer & pantry week.” Here’s what I actually ate: corn taco tostadas; Mexican casserole from the freezer; a hot dog with Indian-spiced onion relish {found it on Edible Mosaic- yum!}, sushi, and other miscellaneous stuff! But I did make a dent in the freezer mess.

5. I think I finally got down my phrasing for when someone I don’t know connects with me on LinkedIn: “Hi x, Thank you for the invitation to connect on LinkedIn! I wanted to check in and see what you were interested in connecting about since I don’t believe we’ve met in person.  Thank you and take care, Cristina.” What do you think?

6. Want to find fun Raleigh events? First, follow the Scintillating Simplicity calendar! But you can also subscribe to the Visit Raleigh Events RSS Feed in your feed reader {I obviously love Google Reader!}.

7. I love the website 1000 Awesome Things and the latest two posts made me laugh: #996 Opening and sniffing a pack of tennis balls and #997: Locking people out of the car and pretending to drive away {my sister and I do this more than I think is normal for 20-somethings}.

8. I absolutely love The Girl Effect, an amazing YouTube video! In related news, apparently this month’s Fast Company is all about female social entrepreneurs! Need to pick up a copy…

9. You’ve no doubt seen the article in the Atlantic, “Why Women Can’t Have It All.” Since the piece came out, there’s been a ton of responses, like “Does Anyone Really Need to Have It All?” and “Why Women Shouldn’t Want to Have It All” and “How Women (and Men) Can Have It All” and lastly, “Men Can’t Have It All Either.” Whew! That’s a lot of conflicting opinions. What do you think? I feel a blog post coming on…

10. And finally, I’m considering making a 23 New Things List to start on my upcoming 23rd birthday, a la Sarah of Yes and Yes. Any suggestions for what I should put on it?

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On the Menu: Cleaning out the Freezer & Pantry

I keep apologizing to my roommate for the sad state of our disheveled freezer. It’s filled to the brim with gluten-free bread and buns; chicken breasts; hot dogs and hamburgers; and bags of vegetables. I promised her that this week was “Cleaning Out the Freezer” week, but I added in “& Pantry” at the last minute 🙂 I spent too much on groceries last week, so I’m making up for it by polishing off what I have in my kitchen this week.

Leftover shrimp & grits from Poole’s

Leftover mashed potato vegetable pie

Gluten-free ratatouille pizza based on this recipe

Sausage patties

Kale, cannelli bean, & feta quesadilla

Collard green & kale soup

Jambalaya with New Orleans andouille sausage

Spiced tomato chickpea soup

Greek-style chicken

Hot dogs + Udi’s gluten free buns

Burgers + Udi’s gluten free buns

Mexican pizzas

Navel oranges

Carrot sticks

on the menu for the week

 Little squish squash assembly

Crawfish, corn on the cob, and red potatoes {my first crawfish boil experience!}

Half and half gluten-free pizza {half sorrel, leek, & potato pizza and half oriental squash & pepper jack cheese pizza}

Quinoa stuffed pattypan squash {I can finally use up some of my saffron!}

Tri-colored pepper salad

Gallery Place burger {recreation of a spicy burger from Clyde’s; fajita spice rub, caramelized jalapenos and onions, pepper jack cheese, and spicy ranch sauce}

Korean pickled vegetables

on the menu for the week

A few new(ish) ones:

Plus some snacks:

  • Pistachios
  • Fiberful Ends & Pieces
  • Watermelon
  • Chobani

A few things I didn’t get around to making the past few weeks:

And lastly, a few of my go to favorites:

on the menu for the week

Tofu masala with quinoa

Potato leek soup {this stuff is like crack}

Cucumber tomato dill salad {made with my home-grown dill!}

Cinnamon crunch chickpeas

Leftover fajitas + all sorts of Cinco de Mayo food!

Lemon Chobani + sliced vegetables with dill dip + Larabars + navel oranges + apples & peanut butter

Source: goo.gl via Carita on Pinterest

on the menu for the week

a week of “cupboard meals”

As you know, I was determined to not go grocery shopping this week and instead make meals from the ingredients my cupboards, fridge, and freezer. Mission accomplished (minus the $5 taco buffet at the Dos Taquitos Margarita Run!).

Among the less interesting things I consumed: rice cakes with cream cheese {which are surprisingly filling}, apple sauce, veggies {like cherry tomatoes, carrots, and bell peppers} with homemade sour cream veggie dip, honey sesame cashews, trail mix, and almonds.

But I also put together some interesting food combos:

Not half bad for a week of eating at home. And I still got plenty of vegetables in 🙂