My Birthday Weekend!

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In other news, it’s my birthday weekend! Last year’s birthday was filled with daisies, a new car, a visit from my mom, and a great celebration with local and visiting friends.

This year I’m having a pretty low-key celebration with friends. The weekend includes a dip party, a day by the pool, a girls night out, gluten-free treats, and birthday freebies.

Stay tuned for all the details 🙂


recap: wine event with the blog girls

First order of business: what should the official name of Triangle young female bloggers group be?! It’s quite a mouthful as is {that’s what she said}.

On to the more exciting stuff: last night, I joined a few of the blog girls (and friends!) for our second event: a wine tasting and lesson at The Wine Feed. I chose not to drink because I’m still feeling congested, but I sure did learn a lot (both about wine and about the other girls).

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There was the girl who organized this event {she’s also my Twitter-turned-real-life-friend}, Sara of Watermelon Roses. There was the budding artist management professional and my fellow co-worker at The Raleigh Forum, Miss Heather of Capital H Creative. There was the reporter that I met at the Raleighwood party, Linnie of Linnie at Large. There was the girl who blogs on all things North Carolina, Katherine of Carolina Gypsy. There was the Chapel Hill healthy living coterie, Anne of Fannetastic Food and Elle of Nutritionella. And there was Rachael, the non-blogger hopefully turned potential blogger after last night’s event!

Since only a few of my close friends blog, it’s not usually a topic I get to chat about often. But this was such a fun chance to chat about blogging tips, scheduling posts, generating content, the importance of images, and other insider blogging info.

And then we all got a little weird fun:

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A question to the blog girls: what was favorite part of the evening? 

A question to the blog girls and anyone who’s been to The Wine Feed: what was your favorite wine? 

P.S. In case you were wondering: Coterie- A small group of people with shared interests or tastes, esp. one that is exclusive of other people.

“thanks for beautifying the bahamas, ladies”

Welcome aboard the Carnival Fantasy!

"Wanna build a sandcastle?" "I've got a better idea"

"I mean, first I got a hickey from a stingray! And then I got to gut a fish!"

"First we're going to hit the beach...and then we're going to hit another beach"

"Atlantis? As in the lost continent?"

“and i need a beach. and i need a martini. stat”

First picture aboard the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship!

I’ve been on many soul-searching, introspective trips- like last year’s 10 day Birthright trip to Israel and my Alternative Breaks trip to Belize and New Orleans. But I’ll be honest with you- my recent cruise to the Bahamas was not one of them.

I did challenge the girls with several probing questions of the day, but for the most part, my questions were: What should I order for breakfast? What should I order for lunch? What should I order for dinner? Should I drink more? What should I drink? Am I getting tan? What should we do? Does anyone want a name tag? Where are Fatty and Columbus?

Haha, deep, I know.

As it usually goes, our Bahamas cruise feels like a lifetime ago. What a trip it was- and now my body is {still} punishing me haha. There are some parts of the cruise that I’m better off not sharing here if I plan on being employed in the future {partly joking} but I wanted to share some of the highlights.

  • Starting the trip off with a bang with Policeman Carlos
  • Having yet another epic trip with my sister


  • Sampling frog legs for the first time
  • Befriending Sue and Larry, our honorary parents (who invited us to spend the weekend on their farm in NC!)
  • Dressing up in pretty cocktail dresses!

    Formal night!

  • Befriending and nicknaming everyone else on the cruise including: Flo Rida, Anaphylactic Shock, Fatty, Columbus, Blaze, Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Kelly and Constable,  Bling-Bling, Phoebe, Blasov/Silly, Roman/Virgil, Music Man, Spunky Brewster and Twinkle Toes
  • Hearing “Are you guys wearing name tags? Turn the house lights on!” during the show on the first night
  • Being serenaded multiple times by Music Man

Just posing with giant chess pieces. Normal.

  • Spending the day at Atlantis- seeing the amazing aquarium, riding the lazy river, and watching the dolphins!
  • Taking a tequila shot out of a plastic Ziploc bag
  • Asking the man at the front desk to call our new friends…without knowing their room number or last names!
  • Spending the day in Freeport, where we ate lunch at a cute restaurant, befriended Christine, and made up a song about all our cruise friends

    First day at port in Freeport!

  • Having 2 lobster tails each delivered to us by our waiter, Bling Bling…then hearing him yell “Shots, shots, shots” every time he came to our table
  • Enjoying sushi and iced coffee on the deck by myself while watching the sun set over Atlantis
  • Riding a banana boat and hearing “Ohhhhh buddy” behind me..the whole time. Then capsizing not once, but twice haha. We got to see the ship from Pirates of the Carribean AND watch dolphins play 🙂
  • We rode a banana boat to see dolphins and the ship from Pirates of the Carribean!

  • Watching Twinkle Toes get his YMCA on during the first night show
  • Watching Erica kick butt- and do the chicken dance- on stage during Game Show Mania. She won a Ship on a Stick for her win!
  • Looking out over the sparkling and shockingly clear water
  • Hanging out with people for 5 days and still not having them know our real names when we disembarked
  • Having our picture taken in front of the cheesy 90s backdrops…on a beach…and in front of the “cruise ship…and on a veranda…and in Paris…and in a strange abbey thing with glasses of champagne and a grand piano….and my personal favorite: the pillow fight scene

The photographer quite enjoyed coming up with cheesy poses for us

  • And about a million more…..I’m sure this post will be updated as I think of them!
Here are a few photos that encapsulate our trip (more landscape photos to come in a different post):

Love these girls!

P.S. Who knows what movie that quote is from?! 10 points to whoever gets it right 🙂

you’re invited: wine tasting

I just got back from the Bahamas yesterday, so I should be doing a tribute post, right? I’m working on it but my sister and friends put so much pressure on me to have a magnificent post, so I have to put tons of thought into it 🙂

In the meantime, I wanted to post an invite to any blog girls out there.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

  • What: wine tasting + class
  • Where: The Wine Feed
  • When: February 28th @ 7pm
  • Who: Triangle Bloggers + friends!
  • RSVP: by Feb 24th

To RSVP, just get in touch with me!

bahama, come on pretty mama

You know why I don’t mind this icky, cold weather? Because on Wednesday I will be here:


Then on this:

{A Carnival cruise}

En route to here:

{The Bahamas}

P.S. Pinterest is a bad place to find ugly pictures because there’s always a positive spin on things. If you type in “cold weather,” you just get results for cute winter clothing and ways to fend off the winter blues. Boooo haha.

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the roman sisters take savannah, part ii

On Sunday, we ate brunch here:

b.matthews on Bay Street

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We hung out here:

Forsyth Park

On the way home, we stopped here for lunch:

Hilton Head Marina

And here for dinner:

Cracker Barrel

And about 12 million other places. #LongestRoadTripEver

the roman sisters take savannah


We left for Savannah right after work on Friday. We were en route to surprise my sister’s friend for her birthday! She was definitelyyy surprised.

We saw this (but did not stop):

On Saturday,we ate here (at this exact table, actually):

Soho South Cafe

We went here (where this was filmed):

Six Pence Pub

We went here:

Wet Willie's

And here…

Rooftop of the Bohemian Hotel

We did the Chicken Dance here:


We went here for ReFest:

Southern Pine Warehouse

We went to a lot of places here:

Congress St

Including here:

Sweet Melissa's

Coolest of all, we went here:

Mata Hari's, a members-only speakeasy

And that was just Saturday…

wine tasting tips + a review

This morning, it randomly occurred to me that we might have been supposed to tip at our wine tasting the other day. I did a quick google search and found that tips are not expected (whew!). I also came across several websites that list wine tasting etiquette, so I thought I would share some of their dos and don’ts. Shockingly, we didn’t break any of the rules! That might be a first 😉

In general, the rules are: don’t bring loud kids (though we did bring the dogs, which are like children. But quiet ones!). Don’t confuse the palette-cleaning crackers with a buffet. Don’t smoke. Don’t wear perfume. Don’t chew gum. Ask for a spit cup. Don’t complain about the tasting room fees. Don’t get too drunk! Don’t ask for the sweet wine too soon, because it affects the palette.

As I was reading these unofficial rules, I realized how important it is to choose a winery where you will feel comfortable. We called two on the way out to Albemarle and ended up choosing to go to the one with longer hours but also friendlier staff members. In case you don’t know me and my sister in real life, we are very casual and not interested in putting on airs at a pretentious place!

Dennis Vineyards & Winery was exactly what we were looking for. Luckily, we were two of only a few patrons, so we received stellar individualized service. As I mentioned in my last post, I ended up realizing that I like semi-dry wines, not sweet wines. The wine tasting attendant customized our tasting menu to our tastes, choosing each wine based on our reaction to the previous. Because of this, we were able to narrow down our selection as we went.

On October 8, they are holding a Harvest Festival and Grape Stomp, complete with a fall hay ride. I encourage you to make the pretty drive to Albemarle to check it out. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you do decide to go!

a slightly stressful week

This week has been a bit chaotic (what week isn’t?!) and stressful. There’s been TONS of fun stuff too, so I’m trying to keep that in mind as the week dies down and a jam-packed weekend begins.

The less-than-awesome:

  • Constant stomachaches and fatigue
  • Stress over photography (limited open lab hours + 2 assignments due = loads of stress!)
  • Lengthy grant application due for class next week
  • Senioritis and a general lack of motivation
  • Not feeling like my weekends are mine

The awesome:

  • Feasted on amazing fajitas and margaritas at Fiesta in Dupont
  • Wrote a 20 page business plan in 20 hours (woohoo go GW Bites!)
  • Had a great night out with the girls (wine night at home then a few low key bars)
  • A reunion with a friend I haven’t seen in a month
  • Fajita leftovers, more Leek Potato Soup [can’], Ziti with Roasted Zucchini, & Ming’s Chinese
  • A million Friends episodes
  • BGSKCollege article on GW Bites
  • Several great runs around the city