Clever Tuesday Tips

Don’t have a pizza cutter on hand? Use scissors to cut pizza!

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Amplify phone speakers by putting them in a ceramic bowl

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Can’t quite finish your iced coffee? Put it in the freezer overnight and fill it up with cold-brewed coffee the next day. Voila- just like a coffee ice cube!


diy sunburst mirror

I have a relatively recent fascination with sunburst (also called starburst) mirrors, like these:

Unfortunately, they can be quite pricey- like $200-$400 pricey! I don’t know about you, but no one piece of decor is worth that much to me.

So I began a hunt for DIY versions and found this (using poster board), this (using twigs) and this (using dowels).

I will post pictures as soon as I get around to making my own!

P.S. Did you notice the absence of the Oxford comma in the second to last sentence? I’m still mourning its death.

and also…

{aka “my new life, continued”}

browsing home decor stores

finding out about a youth entrepreneurship camp…maybe they need volunteers?!

whipping up an amazing sun-dried tomato sausage pasta (recipe to come)

finding this $20 steal, soon to be painted white or stained brown

losing several items when the back of my uhaul popped open mid-drive

an evening of tennis

a new friend to bike with

ridiculously hilarious moments with my sister