cristina’s weekly lessons

Let go: I made an insensitive comment (completely unintentionally!) the other day and I kept beating myself up about it. What I finally convinced myself of: if you feel you should apologize, do it. If not, let it go. Everyone says and does dumb stuff, and chances are nobody else is still thinking about it.

Unplug: I did the Tir Na Nog run through Historic Oakwood last night and it was so great to run without headphones. I felt like I had discovered a whole new part of the city! The crisp, beautiful fall air and colorful leaves didn’t hurt either.

Don’t do it just because you should: OK, all you North Carolinians, don’t be upset: I don’t like the state fair. I really want to. I want to love the food and the rides and the excitement (like in the picture below) but all I can think is: crowds, lines, tons of money, parking, and stress. So this year my sister and I decided that we were forgoing the fair in lieu of another fall festivity that we’ll actually enjoy, like yoga or a fall walk.

Sometimes it’s okay to have that extra cup of coffee: I’ve been very conscious of my caffeine intake recently and I don’t generally need an afternoon cup of caffeinated coffee. I got 8 hours of sleep last night, I worked out, and I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch. But you know what? I’m enjoying my full-caf mug of coffee right now 🙂