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For the recruiting readers: Top 15 Common Talent Sourcing Mistakes and Snag Influence with “Sticky” Recruitment Marketing.

And for employees: Don’t Wait for Layoffs or a Job Search to Update Your Resume. The idea is that during those periods, you’re feeling negative and may forget key accomplishments and skills. Updating your resume periodically ensures that you remember your accomplishments and can highlight them in a beneficial way.

I am definitely guilty of The Busy Trap; how about you? I think it’s partly a by-product of being a Human Services major in college– the program attracted all the students who wanted to save the world!

Here are some inspirational words for your week {or weekend, as the case may be}.

I have become convinced that the writers over at Tiny Buddha send thought waves or probes into my brain every week and then base their blog posts on my thoughts. Here’s what they wrote for me this week {joke!}: When Friends Fear We May Judge Them and Treat People How They Want to be Treated {the new golden rule}.


link roundup for the week

I love this post from The New Professional on doing what you love or loving what you do {not necessarily the same, but also not necessarily mutually exclusive}.

Yes and Yes has become one of my favorite blogs- I love that it highlights interesting topics, stories, and debates and isn’t just a clone of every other lifestyle blog out there. Check out Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Always Easy and On Privacy, Honesty, Other Bloggers, and Oversharing.

Love this post on changing “yes but” to “yes and”

I need to do this gluten-free Raleigh bar crawl {though I wasn’t crazy about Lilly’s when I went}! And speaking of gluten-free, here is a great post from Gluten Free Girl on some of the lessons she learned from traveling gluten-free. On a related note: I bought San-J gluten-free soy sauce packets to take for on-the-go sushi!

I was really moved by The Freedom of Not Needing to Be Right on Tiny Buddha, where the tagline is “simple wisdom for complex lives.”

Have you seen this image? The words that immediately jump out at you are supposed to describe you. I really hope my first doesn’t describe me but my third word was passionate, which I think is fitting.

Props to Heather on what turned out to be an amazing collaborative photo shoot gone right– I love the pictures!

Here’s some great advice on changing your environment in order to change your behavior from my friend Austin, who is currently in Taiwan.

The new Evernote Food might be my new way to track what I order at a restaurant so I don’t forget for the next time I go!

What did you read on the internet this week? 

week recap and link roundup


  • Spending multiple days at the pool and cracking up for hours with friends
  • Going to Mexican and befriending every person in the restaurant, including a table of 15 guys who were in town for a gaming conference
  • Watching Hubble 3D at IMAX Raleigh- amazing! One of the best documentaries we’ve seen so far with our Power Pass
  • $10 fajitas and $10 pitchers of margaritas plus a free ticket to stand-up comedy at Goodnights with a fun crew
  • Intense hour and a half doubles tennis session
  • Swimming laps in my pool to get in a quick exercise session
  • Putting together a big group of people to play doubles tennis {and finding out that my friend has a picture of her as a baby in a crib on the tennis court! Haha}
  • Making faux pho- tossing leftover cilantro, basil, sriracha, lime, serrano peppers, green onions, and sliced onions into broth with Chinese Five Star seasoning- which I realize is not Vietnamese 🙂
  • Anxiously awaiting the replacement of the replacement of the replacement of my phone. Almost two weeks now that I haven’t had a phone!

Link Roundup

link roundup for the week

Straight from The Kitchn: the best way to measure fresh herbs.

Allie of Eat Run Read got to attend a fancy dinner hosted Chobani– all the dishes contained the Greek yogurt. Now that is smart marketing 🙂 I may or may not have my own little Chobani posts in the works 🙂 In the meantime, follow my Chobani updates on Twitter!

Still confused about giving up gluten? Here’s a little crash course.

Be careful not to make these 3 LinkedIn blunders when job searching!

From The New Professional- four questions to ask when you’re lacking direction (this one’s for you, recent grads!).

In the mood to shed a few tears? Check out these 75 day-brightening stories of generosity.

I’m going to be the best party guest ever when I show up with these homemade watermelon mojito popsicles! Maybe I’ll bring these bangin’ shrimp skewers too 🙂

I stumbled across the Happiness Project awhile back and fell in love with Gretchen’s approach to life- she spent a year “test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.” Here are 7 ways she sparks her creativity {I need these when I’m feelin’ uninspired}.

link roundup for the week

{Some of these links may seem a bit outdated since I wait until I have a full list until posting!}

Stephanie from Noshtopia wrote a helpful piece on resources to help you avoid chemical cuisine. While I’m not super strict about what I eat, I agree with her philosophy- staying away from “additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs, pink slime and anything not made by Mother Nature” as much as possible!

Along the same lines, I love Allie of Live Laugh Eat’s list of great gluten-free snacks. She makes some important points though, which mirror what I said here: gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean healthier and most “real foods” are naturally gluten-free.

Being the semi-Jew that I am, I think it’s time for me to learn the ins and outs of making chicken matzo ball soup!

This whole “What Should We Call Me” meme is strangely addicting- and now there’s one for DC anddd one for GDUBS!

In honor of Instagram’s billion dollar deal, check out 10 cool things to do with Instagram. Also check out 10 totally new ways to play with Instagram.

links from around the web

Yet another clever post from Apartment Therapy- this one is 4 Ways to Use Industrial Restaurant Equipment in the Office.

I stumbled across Don’s post, entitled 100 Days at a Startup, on Freshly Pressed this morning. I love the quote he leads with: “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of shore.”

When I came across yet another great post on The Everygirl- this one is How to Style a Coffee Table– I literally exclaimed “Yes!” out loud {good thing no one else was in the office yet!}.

Read these inspirational words {from Mother Theresa, via Sarah of Everything Fabulous} and these, via Linnie at Large.

Sunday Suppers combines communal cooking + eating in a Brooklyn loft- so cool, albeit expensive!

I can’t wait to try these roasted cabbage wedges, this simple tuna pasta salad {gluten-free of course}, and this smoky white bean chowder!

Any links that jumped out at you this week? 

links from around the web

When I saw this post, entitled What Blogging Has Taught Me, on Freshly Pressed, I loved every word of it. I wanted to highlight excerpts but decided to just share the whole link with you 🙂

Heard of the 2:4 rule for safe leftovers? This Lifehacker article explains it!

Dirty coffee maker? Clean it up with Serious Eats! That was a play on the Orbit commercial, by the way.

According to the site, The Everygirl is “the newest online resource helping shape the creative, career-driven woman to experience her life better lived.” It’s part magazine, part blog, and all inspiring.

Here is a simple lemon dill tofu recipe from Oh She Glows…can’t wait to try it!

This post on Apartment Therapy on 10 non-traditional headboards makes me want to raid the Habitat ReStore and get to work on a cool one!

If you spend a lot of time on the phone for work, learn to “give good phone” from Inc.

P.S. I’m debating what to call these posts that highlight links from around the internet. Link love, links from around the web, weekly web recap, or Executive Summary {like The New Professional does}? Ideas are welcome 🙂

link love

Freezing Herbs

How Digital Dirt is Changing Recruitment for Better or Worse

Crockpot Sausage and Peppers

What Would You Do If?

Burger King- Pay It Your Way

Seven Layer Bars {so unbelievably easy and delicious}

Most Adorable Teahouse

Real Food Tips: 10 Common Misconceptions

The Most Common Cooking Mistakes {incredibly valuable tips}

on the menu for the week

It’s yet another week of being inspired by food posts from my “friends” in the blogosphere! I love going through my Google Reader on Sunday, starring the recipe posts that catch my eye, making a grocery list, filling up my cart {usually at Trader Joe’s}, and then holing up in the kitchen for the night. Cooking is one of the only times I don’t touch my phone or care if it rings. Very liberating 🙂

Pasta with Cabbage and Leeks {from My Wandering Spoon; made with turkey bacon and gluten-free pasta}

Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds {via Kaileen Elise}

Zucchini & Yellow Squash Fritters {adapted from Martha Stewart; made with gluten-free flour}

Chicken & White Bean Chili Soup {from Fannetastic Food}

Kale Tomato Soup with Chickpeas and Cumin {from The Daily Meal}

P.S. Here’s a helpful kitchen tip: a standard shot glass is 1/4 cup! Handy to know when you don’t have a measuring cup readily available.

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recipe link love

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese {via Delish.com; I added caramelized onions and shallots}

Stuffed Tex Mex Yellow Squash {via Martha Stewart}

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad {via Taylor Takes a Taste}

Husband’s Healing Stew {via Oh She Glows}

Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup {via All Recipes}

Ginger Clam Soup {via Rasa Malaysia}

Slow-Cooker Lentil Chicken Sausage Stew {via Simple Nourished Living}