livingsocial deal for zely&ritz

I just bought a LivingSocial deal for Zely & Ritz Tapas Restaurant & Wine Bar, which I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile! According to the website, everything is fresh, organic, and locally grown. It’s a bit new American for my normal taste, but I’m excited for a special treat!


livingsocial deal for whole foods!

Pay $10, get $20 to spend at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck haha). And 5% is donated to the Whole Kids Foundation! Another awesome LivingSocial deal.

recap of nyc trip

What a whirlwind! I haven’t even had computer or internet access since Monday (I used WordPress’ handy scheduling tool to schedule a few of my design posts).

Monday: Arrived at the office at 6:30am. Met the summer interns. Took a bus to NYC. Dropped bags off at the beautiful Renaissance 57 hotel. Ate lunch at the NYC office. Hit the streets to chat with merchants, like this one, this one, and this one about their participation in Dollar Lunch Day. Ate dinner at Brother Jimmy’s, my new favorite Southern-inspired NYC BBQ joint, which has maps and flags from Duke and Carolina everywhere! Hung out on the top of the hotel roof.

Tuesday: Breakfast at the office. Hitting the streets once again. Lunch at delicious Jezalin’s. Funny adventures with my partner, another research intern. Dinner at Spin, an adorable ping pong bar. Girls night in, complete with a bottle of wine and 16 and Pregnant.

Wednesday: 4:30am wake up. Camping out at the Today Show to promote Dollar Lunch Day. On the screen for approximately 15 seconds. Seeing Jimmy Fallon, Al Roker, and the back of Meredith Viera’s head. Heading out to Angus McIndoe to assist them with Dollar Lunch Day. Pizza and beer at the office. Saying goodbye to LivingSocial people and heading to the West Village. Dinner at Ditch Plains, where I tried a hot dog covered with macaroni and cheese.

Thursday: Bagels, coffee, and park with my nephew and sister-in-law. Starbucks time. Seeing Bridesmaids, my first solo movie experience! 5th Avenue to wait in line for the Black Eyed Peas benefit concert (with T Swift!). Heading to happy hour at Brother Jimmy’s once we realized the concert was cancelled. And the rest is history!

recap: last week of undergrad

Four whole days since my last post! Sorry for slacking; I’ve been busy livin’ up my last few weeks of undergrad!


  • Last exam ever (until grad school), including my last night studying for hours in the on-campus Starbucks
  • Two Nationals game (one with friends, one with co-workers)
  • Cinco de Mayo roof party
  • Washington Diplomat golf tournament (grilling, driving golf carts, delivering beers to ambassadors. You know, the usual)
  • Hours on the roof with friends and/or books!
  • A bajillion emails to potential GW Bites investors
  • Summer trip to Norway booked
Coming up:
  • Patio grilling (today!)
  • Last Arganica produce box AND $25 worth of random, awesome stuff
  • Mothers’ Day (how do I send flowers to Rwanda?!)
  • LivingSocial Adventure- Sunset Kayaking and Tequila Sunrises
  • Babysitting for my two favorite babies
  • Launch party for theStrEATS
  • GRADUATION- a whole weekend with family and friends 🙂
P.S. Did you notice that I added pages to my blog? Check out the “Mentions” tab and the “Connect with Me” tab!

whirlwind of emotions

Wow, the past few days have been a complete whirlwind of emotions. I would say a rollercoaster, but that would imply ups and downs, and this has been just ups!

It started on Monday when my boss sent me an email with the subject “can i sent you to rtp on thurs.” No body of the email, but of course my immediate reaction was a resounding YES.

Late Tuesday night, I managed to book a flight and on Thursday, I high-tailed it to the airport. As I was passing the time before boarding, I browsed the Twitter account of Springwise (highlights cool new business ideas each week) on my phone. I thought it was a mistake when  I saw the name GW Bites! They have an incredibly active following, so it got picked up by a few other websites and dozens of people on Twitter.

The feedback I’ve seen so far has been incredible. I have been questioning the whole concept of GW Bites recently, but this influx of positive feedback has reignited my drive to push forward with the idea.

Work-wise, last night was fantastic! LivingSocial ran a deal for a special showing of Water for Elephants at a Raleigh theater, so almost 500 came out to eat appetizers, sip drinks, and watch the premiere. Everyone was so friendly (typical Raleigh!) and fun. I realized how lit up I am when I get to work events like that. I also met some great co-workers and we all made plans for when I move back!

In addition, I went to look at the apartment that I’m interested in and it seems very promising. I plan to put in an application in the next week or so.

Today it’s back to DC to put in some photography lab hours then out to Maryland for camping tomorrow! Such a good finish to senior year 🙂

P.S. Kudos to my amiga/running buddy Karrie for nailing down an incredible post-graduation job!!

the good, the bad, & the senior year

This week has been a bit up and down- mostly great but some hard things as well.

The Bad:

  • Horrible tornados hit Raleigh and Eastern NC this weekend, killing at least 45 and injuring many more. It was really scary to be on the phone with my sister as she heard the tornado coming, but thank goodness she (and everyone else I know down there) is okay. One neat thing is how the community is apparently really coming together to help each other. Donate to the Triangle Red Cross here and find Raleigh volunteer events through Change the Triangle.
  • I came down with another cold!


  • My friends and I spent Sunday on a Crab Boat Cruise in the Potomac. Sunny day, lots of crab, and new friends- can’t complain!
  • I found out that my new niece or nephew will be a…NEPHEW! So excited for baby #2 🙂
  • I’m being flown to Raleigh on Thursday to work an event for my company. I feel like such a grown up taking a business trip 🙂 So excited to see everyone down there, especially my sister of course.
  • I met Ben Stein in Starbucks! He walked over to me and said “You’re going to be the most successful person in here because you’re the only one smiling.” Wooo that definitely made me smile even more!
  • My professor loved the first draft of my Human Services paper. I’m writing a diversified funding plan for my sister’s organization Change the Triangle, and I think I have some good fleshed out ideas. Best of all, it’s a memo, so in the “From” part, I put “Roman Enterprise Consulting.” Foreshadowing, anyone?
Coming up:
  • Raleigh!
  • Camping for one night in Pohick Bay
  • Last week of classes
  • Final photography portfolio
  • Getting back to cooking
  • More blogging

Tip of the Week

For students: buying personal business cards (is that an oxymoron?!) is a small investment that could pay off big time. They make you stand out from the crowd of other not-as-prepared students during networking events, meetings, and random everyday run-ins.

Mine are simple: just a monogram, my name, my phone number, and my email address.

But a word of warning: don’t just throw your card around. I’ve had people shake my hand and hand me a business card. Unless we’ve had a meaningful conversation and I know that we can benefit each other mutually, chances are I’m not going to take your card and follow up with you.

Coincidentally (yeah, right haha), LivingSocial is offering $50 to use on for only $10! Get it here.

Daily Deal: $40 to spend at Cabanas for $20

I just got LivingSocial‘s deal for today: spend $20 and get $40 to use at Cabanas on the Georgetown Waterfront from. Can’t wait to use it for spring brunch 🙂 And I’m obsessed with Mexican food!

Also: you can still get $5 free Deal Bucks for signing up via my link. Just go here.

last week’s recap


  • Photography class: check plus on depth-of-field photo assignment 🙂
  • Work: scheduled several meetings for Thursday and worked on a new project


  • Slow morning of a luxurious breakfast and blog reading before class
  • A fun geology lab (yes, I said “fun” and “geology” in the same sentence!)
  • A quick run- it’s been awhile!
  • Study date with a friend on the roof over homemade lunch and iced coffees
  • Class (with an interesting guest speaker from a community foundation)
  • Fixed a gas leak in my apartment (with some help from Washington Gas Company!)
  • Celebrated Mardi Gras at Bayou (25 & Penn) with old friends and new friends


  • First GW Bites meal in awhile! The menu is carrot ginger soup, spinach feta quiche, and toffee bark
  • Studying for geology


  • Geology exam
  • Great day at work (including a meeting with my boss and a brainstorming session with one of the teams)
  • Lounging on the couch with Veronica Mars (my favorite TV show in the world, other than Friends)


  • Train to NC (as one person on Twitter said, “trains are society in motion.” Very true!)
  • ….the rest to come in my North Carolina recap post!