you’re invited: clothing swap

My blog is so funny in that I can go from drug testing for welfare recipients to a clothing swap party. Hey, life’s all about being balanced, right?

This clothing swap is open to young female bloggers in the Triangle. After the event, we’ll have each girl blog about the best item she received 🙂 Haven’t joined the group yet? Contact me!

Updated: The Wine Feed, a Raleigh-based online wine retailer, has offered to sponsor the swap party! Several wine varieties will be available to sip on throughout the evening 🙂


in limbo, but not in a bad way.

I’m in an interesting state of limbo right now. It’s not particularly bad, just weird. Graduation- and the chaos of graduation weekend- is over and I’m spending a few days in North Carolina. It’s difficult to express my emotions right now, so I’ll stick to a play-by-play of my activities 🙂

So far I’ve: looked at cars on Craigslist; talked to the bank about a loan; taken my first legitimate ride on the R-Line bus; watched the awful train wreck of a movie called No Strings Attached; and submitted an apartment application. I’m now sitting in Morning Times, a cute (and indie) downtown coffeeshop, waiting to hold a meeting about a co-working space in Raleigh. I’m not quite sure the agenda of the conversation, but I’m excited to see where it goes.

I also got an email from the SWAP Team about becoming a Chapter Director in Raleigh. Essentially, I would organize and execute clothing swap parties, which encourage recycling and donating of clothing, conscious consumerism, and “upcycling.” It seems like it would be a great way to get involved in the community, meet interesting people…and of course get cute (and free) “new” clothes!

Late night/early morning

I can’t believe how productive I was today- even though I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I’m trying hard to wrap up everything in DC before I head to NC in *gasp* 10 days.

My friends and I are having a swap party tomorrow- we’re bringing everything we want to get rid of and exchanging it for things we want. The key rule is that the person who brings the most gets the first pick of the round, the person with the second most gets second pick, etc. It felt SO good to clean out my closet, bookshelf, jewelry box, etc and I’m sure it will equally as nice to get lots of new stuff without spending a dime. Anddd we’re donating anything left over to charity, so it’s definitely a win-win-win idea.

Any other fun swap party rules? Let me know before tomorrow!

The NFTE Dare to Dream Gala that I attended last night was phenomenal- one of the best run galas I’ve seen. From an operational perspective, things seemed to go off without a hitch. NFTE incorporated a lot of fun, innovative ideas to make the event particularly engaging. They brought their youth entrepreneurs on stage to speak about their business ventures, and has a student showcase where the young entrepreneurs sold their products. I find that a lot of organizations fail to connect their gala attendees with the beneficiaries of their work, but NFTE did a fantastic job. Michael Chasen, the co-founder of Blackboard, spoke about his experience as an entrepreneur. I think he gave the students a great story that they could connect with and aspire to.My favorite part of the evening was hearing Chris Gardner speak. He’s the man who the movie The Pursuit of Happyness is based on. He was charismatic and engaging- his opening comment was “You guys know Will Smith isn’t coming, right?” But my favorite comment was when he said “I still don’t understand why Hollywood spent $70 million to do what I did every day for free.”

All in all, I think it was a well-planned and well-executed event! Congrats to all of NFTE, especially my fantastic mentor Julie 🙂